Our Story


My first mission trip was in 2012 to the country, Haiti with a non profit organization, ChurchQuake International. Getting off of the plane I had an overwhelming feeling that I had just come home. I fell in love with the culture, the food and the people. I continued to visit every year thereafter and became good friends with many of the people from Haiti and also those that were both long term missionaries residing in Haiti. Each time I would come back to the U.S from a trip there was a longing in my heart to help out in a bigger and better way. I just didn't know how to help in a larger capacity. After 3 years of coming and going several times a year, I had a dream of being able to shop with a greater purpose in a faith centered atmosphere and being able to continue my work in Haiti on a larger scale--which led to opening a business focused on not just buying pretty things but loving, serving, and giving generously to the people not only in my local community but of a small community in Pestel, Haiti. With an answer to prayer, my calling became very clear in May of 2015. I stepped out in faith to launch this business knowing it would require much obedience and to forward face the challenges that lie ahead. Little did I know what all that would entail but I knew that it would be worth it. I was thousands of miles from this Haitian community however, I believed that our purpose was to help the children of this community to receive an education through a portion of our total earnings through our storefront. It would become immeasurably more than all I could ask for or imagine.

 We started out in our first small storefront in Pooler, Georgia only to be able to support one student each month in Haiti. We then moved locations a year later and grew our customer base, which led to us physically growing into a bigger space which also led to being able to support even more children in Haiti's education. Then came another calling of opening up additional locations.The children of Pestel, Haiti are receiving a valuable education that their family otherwise could not afford. Each quarter we revisit the children and make sure each child is staying on task and in school. We are directly involved with helping to afford yearly tuition, uniforms, books, and other supplies needed for school for almost 20 children.Together with my family we have had the most wonderful privilege of owning BoldSoul Boutique for 7 years and going to Haiti for 10. We continue to be actively involved in both, and on any given day you will find us at one of our locations.



 BoldSoul Boutique is a proud leader of ChurchQuake International, a non profit organization whose efforts benefit the health and livelihood of those in need in Pestel, Haiti.

BoldSoul uses its generated income to provide tuition to almost 20 children in Pestel. With each purchase made by our generous patrons, we are able to provide more and more for these babies.We are so proud that through God's love, our hard work, and YOUR support, we can continue to answer the call and provide a better life for those in need.


To learn more about ChurchQuake International, please visit our website, https://churchquakeinternational.org

 We visit the children in Haiti several times a year to deliver supplies, aide in medical clinics, and work to improve their living standards.If you'd like to be involved in our mission trips, or at least would like to follow along and see our children for yourself, please give us a follow on social media and subscribe to our email newsletter! You may join our mailing list, or you can follow @boldsoulboutique on Instagram!